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Digital Submitting Your Work

Institutional Repository

Questions before hand for faculty & students


Before submitting your works to, it’s important to consider these questions before hand:

  • What is the type of work(s) do you want to submit? Is it a publication, a poster, a citation, or a paper? What are the file types you’ll be submitting?
  • Who authored the work(s)? When was it created/finished? Do I have the proper permissions from all authors to submit the work(s)?
  • What copyrights do you want to apply to the work(s) you’re submitting? Do I want users to be able to download the work(s) or just be able to view them? Is there a specific date when users can start downloading the work(s)?
  • What keywords best fit the work(s)? What words can users search with to find the work(s)? What subjects or disciplines does the work(s) cover?
  • Students: Have you talked with your professor/instructor about uploading your work(s) to the repository before submitting?

If you need any help answering these questions, feel free to contact your librarian at

When you're ready to submit your work(s) to the repository, select either Faculty/staff or students from the left-hand column to view the appropriate instructions.

Faculty CV Program

As a service to the faculty and staff of Prairie View A & M University, the University Libraries offers to add any works from a member's CV to the repository.

The Faculty CV Program offers members of PVAMU faculty or staff to submit their CVs to the University Libraries, and allow the librarian to add any scholarly works created while affiliated with the University listed there to the repository on their behalf.

To be eligible for the program a faculty or staff member must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current member of PVAMU faculty or staff
  • Must have an updated CV with their most recent works created at the University added
    • New hires can also submit their CVs, even if they have not yet created any scholarly work while at PVAMU ! Works from the previous academic year will be added, regardless of institution affiliation.  

After you've submitted your CV to the libraries, a librarian will begin the process of adding works to the repository. Depending on the copyright status, the librarian may reach out to you in regards to any available copies of a particular work that you may have. The librarian may also ask for your permission to contact any publisher you've worked with on your behalf to inquire about adding an appropriate copy of a work to the repository. 

Uploading Works as a Member of Faculty/Staff

When submitting works to DigitalCommons@pvamuedu , remember these general rules:

  1. The author(s) must own copyright to all materials submitted or be granted permission from the copyright holder to deposit their materials in the institutional repository.
  2. Author(s) retain copyright ownership and Prairie View A & M University makes no claims of ownership for institutional repository contributions.
  3. All submissions will require a signed non-exclusive license attached as a supplemental material.
  4. Current/emeritus faculty and staff members of Prairie View A & M University may submit their original works. If revisions are to be made, they must be done before the final draft is submitted. Pre-prints are considered completed works.Works contributed should either be creative, scholarly in nature, research-oriented or of institutional significance. 

Works as a Student

To begin uploading your work to, you’ll first need to contact your professor/instructor for the class in which the work was completed about whether it can be uploaded to the repository.

If the work is eligible for submission to the repository, you and your professor will next need to contact a librarian to discuss setting up a collection for your work.

Once you've done that, the library will get started on setting up a collection for you to submit your work to. Depending on the depth of the work you're submitting, your librarian or the repository administrator may reach out to you with any questions.

After the necessary structure is established, you can begin submitting your works to

Uploading Works as a Student

When submitting works to, remember these general rules:

  1. All works submitted must be clear of copyright violations and plagiarism, and comply with all Prairie View A & M University student handbook policies on Academic Offenses.
  2. Author(s) retain copyright ownership and Prairie View A & M University makes no claims of ownership for institutional repository contributions.
  3. All submissions will require a signed non-exclusive license attached as a supplemental material.
  4. The work must be original, produced and submitted (or approved by) a faculty, staff, student, organization or department of Prairie View A & M University.
  5. If revisions are to be made, they must be done before the final draft is submitted.
  6. Student works contributed should be creative, scholarly in nature, research-oriented or of institutional significance. Examples may include: capstone projects, student-produced journals or newsletters, conference posters or presentations (as long as permission has been granted by the conference organization), creative works, etc.
  7. All listed authors involved in the creation of a work must grant written permission as a condition of inclusion in the PVAMU IR. For example, if a work was created by a faculty member and a student, the faculty member must give permission to deposit the work in addition to the student.

Material can be placed in the PVAMU Digital Commons?


A wide range of material can be placed in the PVAMU @Digital Commons, including text, video, image, and audio files. 

Material suitable for the PVAMU Digital Commons repository include but are not limited to:   

  • Archival collections and finding aids
  • Articles and preprints
  • Audio and Video
  • Conference papers, posters, and presentations
  • Datasets
  • Dissertations, theses, and capstone projects
  • Images
  • Technical reports
  • Working papers

While the PVAMU@ Digital Commons can accept any digital material, we encourage authors to follow the following recommendations:

Text files  -- provide a PDF (with OCR if possible)

Maps and Photos (image files)

Audio files – provide an MP3

Video files – provide an MPEG2 or 4 or a RealMedia or Quicktime file

ETD Processing Timeline


ETD Processing Timeline (Graduate School Have to Approve)

The timeline is intended as a guideline to assist constituents interested in when newly deposited electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) become available in the PVAMU Digital commons. Several factors affect the processing timeline, including the amount of processing needed, how many ETDs are submitted in a given semester, and submission of supplemental forms. After all the materials are received from the Graduate School and papers are fully approved, the library commences with its work and strives to complete the posting of submitted ETDs within four months from Graduate School approval.

1. Student Submit theses and dissertations directly to Graduate School.

2. Graduate School approves ETDs within Digital Commons.

3. Graduate School uploads required files such as the "ETD Repository Submission Agreement Form Agreement"

4. Library is notified of those approvals, and begins work with the files when the PDF document is released from the Graduate School.

5. Library downloads native PDF files and create metadata that goes into the Digital Commons record.

6. Library takes final steps to post the ETDs and it becomes available on the unless embargoed. (Embargoed items automatically become available when the embargo expires and are processed along other papers received for the given term)


                                    ETD Work Flow Diagram

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