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About PVAMU Digital Commons


 Digital Commons is an institutional repository (IR) that provides digital presence for the scholarly and creative output of the Prairie View A & M University community. The upload material includes works by PVAMU faculty, theses and dissertations, material from the University Archives and Special Collections, and various centers, departments, and initiatives on campus.  The University community is encouraged to submit material for inclusion in the PVAMU Digital Commons.

The mission of the PVAMU Digital Commons is to:

  • Support and archive university scholarship and creative endeavors
  • Expand the accessibility of material held by University Archives and Special Collections
  • Document the history and heritage of this university and the Prairie View community.

Who can join DigitalCommons Communities



DigitalCommons is organized according to "communities". Any division, department, center, institute, lab or other unit or group at PVAMU can participate as a community in DigitalCommons. Each community assigns a coordinator who can work with the Library to support their DigitalCommons community.

Communities added to DigitalCommons work with the Library in determining:

  • What sorts of items are appropriate to a particular community collection

  • What electronic formats are acceptable in a particular community collection

  • Who may add items

  • Who may view items in the collection


Individuals wishing to submit content must be affiliated or sponsored by a community registered with Digitial Commons. The communities then determine which individuals may submit content to the repository. If a contributor to the repository leaves the University, his or her content will remain in the repository unless she or he requests its withdrawal.

Digital Commons Network


Click the wheel image below to visit the Digital Commons Network to explore millions of open access works by discipline from over 500 institutions.

Digital Commons Network

Benefit to contribute?


By contributing to Digital Commons, you can receive the following benefits:

For Faculty:

  • Fulfill grant requirements for data sharing .
  • Receive a stable URL that can easily be shared on your C.V.
  • Your work becomes very easy to find in Google and Google Scholar.
  • Share your work with the world and prospective faculty and students.
  • Increase the visibility of your research.

For Students:

  • Make your work available outside of academia and open to potential employers.
  • Receive a stable URL that can easily be shared on your C.V. or resume.
  • Your work becomes very easy to find in Google and Google Scholar.
  • Share your work with prospective students who may be interested in your graduate program or attending the undergraduate program.

Digital Commons

Digital Commons is an Institutional Repository platform that enables institutions to manage, display, and publish scholarship online.

Who can contribute? Current faculty, students, and staff. If you are interested in submitting your work.


The Faculty can also contribute unpublished conference presentations, research, or creative works. They may also want to contribute select pre- and post-prints of articles.

Graduate Students

All graduate theses and dissertation and capstone projects can be published in Digital Commons.

Undergraduate Students

As of 2020, all thesis and dissertation will be submitted to Digital Commons with approval of faculty advisors. Any other undergraduate student work must be recommended for Digital Commons by a faculty member OR originate from an official student publication.

What can I submit?

  • Graduate Theses, dissertation.
  • Conference presentations and unpublished articles are accepted for the faculty as well as published articles as allowed by the publisher.
  • College publications, such as the Health Advocacy Bulletin etc.
  • Undergraduate student work that is recommended and approved by a faculty member.

Scholarly Communication Librarian

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Henry Koshy
OER, Digital Commons
Prairie View A & M University
J B Coleman Library
Prairie View, Texas 77446
Room 111B

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