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Open Educational Resources (OER): Copyright in OER

This guide provides instruction and a basic understanding of Open Educational Resources (OER), including how to find, evaluate, use, and adapt to OER materials.

Creative Commons


Creative Commons licenses have been sprinkled throughout this guide. There are a few different kinds of CC licenses, but it is extremely important to know the differences between them when working with OER that you did not create. It is also important to know the differences so that you can slap the appropriate license onto your own work so that people know how to use it correctly. Creative Commons explains it best, so go ahead and check out their website on the licenses and see some examples



The following organizations are dedicating to supporting OER and facilitating their use in academia. If you'd like to further support open learning, please visit their websites. Some resources also go beyond this guide to give more extensive information on OER.

Copyright Concerns of OER


You might be wondering about your rights as a faculty member. How might OER you create or redistribute increase your impact? What copyright concerns should you have? Do OER "count" as publications? Many of these questions are still being explored. Many of these resources help explain why:

Open Textbooks Examples


The collections on the home page link one to the bulk of the OER Repositories available. However, if you wanted to look over a select few open textbooks, direct links to some examples are here for convenience.

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