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KINE 4310 Research Methods: Types of plagiarism

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Types of plagiarism in research

Types of plagiarism

*Types of Plagiarism in Research

1.SECONDARY SOURCES (Inaccurate citation)
2.INVALID SOURCES (Misleading citation, Fabrication, Falsification)
3.DUPLICATION (Self-plagiarism, Reuse)
4.PARAPHRASING (Plagiarism, Intellectual theft)
5.REPETITIVE RESEARCH (Self-plagiarism, Reuse)
6.REPLICATION (Author Submission Violation)
7.MISLEADING ATTRIBUTION(Inaccurate Authorship)
8.UNETHICAL COLLABORATION (Inaccurate Authorship)
9.VERBATIM PLAGIARISM (Copy-and-Paste. Intellectual Theft)
10.COMPLETE PLAGIARISM (Intellectual Theft, Stealing)


* Sourced from Wiley

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