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KINE 4310 Research Methods: Research Fundamentals - Videos

Library resources for KINESIOLOGY 4310

Research Strategies

Research can be difficult and time consuming. Be patient and start early!

Introduction To Academic Research

This video introduces you to some of the expectations and requirements around university-level research assignments. 

Borrowed from Laurentian University

Research Process

Step 1: Define your research question.

Step 2: Create a research plan. Fully examine your assignment, identifying any requirements or specifications that is needed.)

Step 3: Use effective search techniques to define and explore your topic.

Step 4: Locate quality & relevant resources. (Determine the types of information that you need and where you will find it.)

Step 5: Read sources critically, seeking meaning.

Step 6: Evaluate your sources.

Step 7: Begin the writing process.


Borrowed from George Fox University Library

Why Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Peer-reviewed resources vs. everything else. 

Borrowed from NCSU Libraries

Picking Your Topic Is Research

Picking and adjusting your topic is a very important part of the research process.

Borrowed from NCSU Libraries

Online Research: Tips for Effective Searching

View this short video to get tips on how to create effective search strategies when doing online research.

Keywords and Concepts

This video explains how to break down your research topic into keywords.

Borrowed from Lloyd Sealy Library

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

This short video explains how to determine if sources are credible.

Borrowed from NCSU Library

Avoiding Plagiarism

Annotated Bibliography APA 7th


The Reaction Paper

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