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John B. Coleman Library Ask A Librarian

Access Library Resources: Embedding Library Resources

How to embed articles/books records to eCourses

Step 1: Start searching from the library website at

EBSCO discovery search box


Step 2: On the search result page, log in and select the article or book record to be embedded. Click to see the individual record for this title.

Step 3: From the record view, click the button “permalink” on the right panel to get the permalink. This is the link for this full text article provided by the library. Copy and paste this link to eCourses. Students will click this link from the eCourses portal and will be asked to sign in with their PV net ID and password to access the full text in pdf or html format of the article.



How to embed library databases to eCourses


  1. From the library home page at, click the button “Databases A to Z” to go to the page. 

  2. Embed the page link to eCourses. From the page, users can select any databases to use on campus or off campus. The off campus users will be asked to login before searching those databases.

  3. Note: some databases require users to register first on campus computers before they can use them from off campus. The web page has updated instructions for using these databases. The best practice is to always start using the databases from the library database web page at:

  4. Embed a single database from Databases A to Z list: From the page Databases A to Z, choose a single database - right click - on the pop up window, click "copy link address," then paste the link to eCourses. For example, the database "ABI/INFORM collection" link is:

embed a single database

How to embed e-journals

Option 1:

  1. From the library home page at, click the button “E-JOURNALS” and start searching library subscribed e-journals. Off campus users will be asked to login before searching.
  2. From the search result list, select the journal you want to embed. From the journal record, click the button "permalink" to bring the permalink of this journal on the top of the record. Copy and paste the permalink to the webpage or eCourses. 

Ejournnal permalink


Option 2:

Right click to copy ejournals link


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