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Covid-19 Vaccine Information: Introduction to Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid 19 Vaccine Information


Introduction to Covid-19 Vaccinations

Information on the Covid-19 vaccinations is rapidly increasing.  This guide provides some basic information and will be updated as more information is obtained.  Request for additional resources to be included in the guide are always welcomed and we will research the topic to provide quick access to needed information.  


Vaccines for COVID-19 are critical tools for helping bring the pandemic under control when combined with effective testing and existing prevention measures. With several promising vaccine candidates in the pipeline, some under review for approval and the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines approved for use by a number of stringent national regulatory bodies, the race for a safe and effective vaccine has entered into a new phase.  

There are currently more than 200 additional vaccine candidates (56 in clinical and 166 in pre-clinical development) under development, with many in clinical trials. A number of these vaccine candidates are in Phase III clinical trials – the final step before a vaccine is approved.


Covid-19 Vaccine Informational Links

Informative Links on the Covid-19 Vaccination

"This table lays out the key metrics for understanding vaccination progress by U.S. state: doses administered and percentage of people fully vaccinated by population. The website relies upon publicly available data from multiple sources."

The New York Times has also begun tracking allocation of vaccine doses and numbers of vaccinations, based on data from federal and state sources.

The National Academy for State Health Policy has summarized states' vaccination plans and priority populations, based on documents submitted to the CDC.

Covid 19 Vaccination Video-John Hopkins University

Moderna Covid Vaccine Update

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