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A LibGuide on contemporary topics, current events, and controversial issues.


This LibGuide is for the benefit of students, staff, and faculty seeking recommended resources, tools, and titles to support learning and instruction on contemporary topics, current events, and controversial issues.  (Tip: To find keywords on this webpage faster, hold the 'CTRL' + 'F' keys to open the Find box on PCs ['Command' + 'F' keys on Macs] to shortcut to terms used like "social issues", "testing", or "Trump".)

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Need ideas for topics?

Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare") Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA & "Dreamers") President Trump's Border Wall
Flint, MI Water Crisis Black Lives Matter Movement #MeToo Movement
Government Surveillance & Digital Privacy Rights The Open Access Movement Mass Shootings
Syrian Civil War The Anti-vaccination Movement Transgender Rights
Marijuana Legalization Net Neutrality and the FCC Mortality Rates for Black Mothers & Infants
Ideological Extremism Antifa Movement Clergy & Sexual Abuse
Bullying Catfishing Racial Profiling
Standardized Testing Title IX and VAWA U.S. Veteran Health
The Future of HBCUs Police Brutality Fake News & Viral Misinformation
Microaggressions Wikileaks Sci-Hub
Charter schools U.S. employers and outsourced labor homeopathy
Library Neutrality The Alt-right STEM vs. STEAM
Socialism vs. Capitalism Income Inequality U.S. gun reform
Online Trolls & Internet Misogyny Gender wage gap Hacktivism


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Librarians and educators are welcome to direct students to this guide and utilize the topic ideas list.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, requests, or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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