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Introduction to Fair Use & the Public Domain: Public Domain Resources

An explanatory guide of "fair use," the critical context surrounding it, and helpful tools and resources.

Sample Gallery of Free Use and Public Domain Works

Abraham Lincoln
A Bookmark would be better poster
Billie Holiday and dog
A. Block Le Moulin Rouge Paris
E.B. Williams from LoC
rainbow colored beast
1881 painting titled
Guide for Constructing the Letter E
daguerreotype of frederick douglass
actor red face
banjo player
Little Dog and Wife and Child

Public Domain Films

Public Domain Artworks

Public Domain Texts

Internet Archive


Internet Archive -- News Announcements

(Feb. 16, 2019)

"The Internet Archive will be part of a team that is working to address a key challenge for students with disabilities: getting books in accessible formats. This participation aligns with an existing Internet Archive program to make materials available and accessible to readers with disabilities...."

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