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Genea-Musings: Genealogy News Bytes - Friday, 8 November 2019


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The Genealogy Research Question:


Resources, Research and Results: Learn best practices for finding relevant and reliable genealogy information and learn how to develop a concise methodology for researching at local, state and national levels. 

  • The trajectory is to look at how space and time within the culture of your family evolved.
  • Family/Heritage: What was the Culture, What did they Value, How did they move through space, location and time and then find place within the space.
  • What does it mean to answer the research question.. How do I find African American Genealogical Records/ Data sets from domestic and International locations of enslavement of 1600 to .....
  • What will your genealogy research Value. Genealogy helps to identity how you shape and mold your worth (relationships, family, religion, health, political, economical) status
  • What are those systemic issues in studying place and time among a culture of people/ family/group (political, racial, economical, gender, age, social-status)
  • Themes to the Genealogy research: Family, Education, Heath, Economics, Politics, Psychological Behaviors, Society


1.  To tell the story of the first people of your family 
2.  To describe what life was like for these settlers, including details of farming, housekeeping, education, religion, and social activities.
3.  To identify family Heredity and family Genes.
4.  To compare and contrast the way of life of the early settlers with the way of life in today.
5.  To increase appreciation and awareness of the character and way of life of your family ancestors   
6.  To practice reading, writing, and arithmetic skills using materials from census reports
7.  To develop artistic and dramatic abilities to organize and showcase your family pedigree  
8.  To place the events of the development of your family history in the larger context of American and World history

 OUTLINE: Seminar/ Lecture/ Workshop.

• Speaker Introduction and Background

• Class Objectives and Outline

• Genealogy Introduction

• Genealogy Overview the Basics

• Genealogy Free Websites

• Genealogy PVAMU Library Database- ProQuest Heritage Quest 

• Genealogy Pedigree Heredity Charts

• Genealogy Handouts (Maps, Checklist, Censuses, LOCCS, Dewey Decimal)

• Genealogy: Races and Ethnicity 

• Question and Answers ( Q&A)

• Closing Remarks

• Library Survey- RI 

Your Personal Family History: Learning About Genealogy - Personal ...




Brit Thomas & Lula Lee Thomas and Robert E. Lee & Mary Lee Family circa 1920. Hopkins County, Sulphur Springs Texas

(Grandfather, Everett Scott Thomas-Third from the top left row)


Interactive Assignment 

Discover the meaning and history International behind your last name (Surnames/ Forebears) 


Discover the meaning and history National behind your last name Surnames/Forebears)- 





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Kimberly Michelle Gay: Pedigree Chart- PDF (work in progress)

Mr. Brit Thomas Family 1930 USA Census

Mr. Brit Thomas Family 1930 USA Census PDF

Kimberly Michelle Gay: Pedigree Chart (work in progress)

Pedigree Chart- Fillable PDF

Blackfolk & Genealogy: The drive to discover our roots

YouTube: Genealogist Nicka Sewell-Smith on Importance of Tracking Down Ancestors

YouTube: Pharrell Reacts to Family History in Finding Your Roots | Ancestry

Meet Our Guests Ruth Simmons: Finding Your Roots

YouTube: Finding Your Roots S01E07 Samuel L Jackson, Condoleezza Rice and Ruth Simmons

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